Production for the year to 31 October 2021

Our financial year ending last October was less windy than usual. This was true across Europe and was a contributing factor to the current low gas storage levels and high energy prices.

Findhorn Wind Park production from both wind and solar fell 8.4% short of the total demand for electricity in the Park during the same period. We do have a 100% renewable import contract, so all the electricity consumed within the Park ecovillage was from renewable sources.

  • FWP generated 1,013MWh of renewable electricity from our wind turbines and PV arrays.
  • In addition, we estimate private PV systems generated a further 40-45MWh of renewable electricity.
  • The Park Ecovillage usage was 1,103MWh, so on-site generation fell short of total demand by 4.3%.  
  • FWP also exported 491MWh of renewable power when the wind turbines generated more than the Park could use, saving a CO2 emissions off the site.