Rates and discounts to Park consumers in the year ending 31st October 2023

2023 saw very high energy costs for everyone across the country, largely linked to the war in Ukraine. Unit rates for Park consumers were at times heavily subsidised by the government, but the level of discount  was usually only decided after the power had been used and an invoice already sent. This made it impossible to maintain stable prices, causing further difficulties for FWP, NFD and Park consumers.

As was required by the government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme and the Energy Bill Discount Scheme, all discounts received by FWP on our imported electricity were passed on to NFD. FWP also matched these government discounts on the electricity we generated.

  • The total government discounts received came to £106,958
  • FWP matched discounts came to £75,437
  • FWP ‘windfall’ discounts shared to 31/10/23 came to £64,285 (out of a total of £80,787)

The electricity costs rose so much on 1st November 2022 that these significant discounts were not enough to avoid large price rises. Though it varied considerably, the average price to Park consumers across the year was 34.68p/kWh.

In addition to the above discounts, each household was eligible for a £400 discount by applying through Moray Council.