Adding PV systems at The Park

The technical standards for adding generation at the Park are referred to as G99. A simplified 10 page guide to the G99 connection procedure can be downloaded from National Grid.

In the past months a small number of domestic PV systems and batteries have been added under SSE’s G99 fast track process. Unfortunately we have been advised by SSE these connections were approved in error and that the G99 fast track process cannot be used at the Park. Despite the spare export capacity the site has, we can now only add further generation and/or batteries by submitting a standard application form. This is costly to prepare as it must detail every wind turbine, PV system and battery already installed. SSE charge a fee of around £1,000 to process the application and make a costed offer to allow the connection within 90 days.

We feel the costs and delays imposed by SSEN for adding domestic scale PV and battery systems at the Park are inappropriate. We will provide further updates on this web site when we are able to allow further connections.