Technical Information for MCS Installers

The Park Ecovillage electricity distribution network is a private grid owned and operated by two different organisations. Where contractors are used to notifying the DNO about changes such as an ASHP, EVCP or PV installation, the process is different at the Park Ecovillage.

FWP is responsible for ensuring compliance with the ecovillage import and export connection agreements with the local distribution network operator (DNO), Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN). FWP operates the HV network and must be contacted whenever the site MPAN is required or if any form of generation is to be installed, including batteries.

New Findhorn Directions is FWP’s partner responsible for the low voltage distribution network at the Park Ecovillage. We work with NFD to help ensure the whole system is safe and compliant. NFD must be contacted if significant loads are added at a property such as an ASHP or EVCP. NFD also need to be aware of any form of generation installed to ensure metering is appropriate and to ensure safety of contractors.

Installers should ensure they are familiar with the relevant technical pages on this web site to provide the best service to customers at the Park Ecovillage.

Specification for New Generation Equipment


Request for MPAN.