Park Ecovillage electricity prices – now and in the future

This month, New Findhorn Directions announced a 2% average rise in the electricity price at the Park. Energy prices have been head line news recently, with many people experiencing price rises in the region of 50%. The modest Park price increase was achieved by Findhorn Wind Park fixing the price of our grid import before electricity prices soared by 33% in the last six months.

Sometime before autumn 2022, FWP must enter a new contract for the Park import power for 2023. We will monitor the market and achieve the lowest price possible, however the signs are that prices will still be high. Should this be the case, the high costs some are experiencing now would come to the Park starting in January 2023.

2021 also saw about 30 UK energy suppliers fail. If the Park’s current grid supplier joins the list, FWP would need to enter a new contract at the prevailing rates. This could result in another price rise before January 2023.

We feel it is best Park residents are forewarned of electricity price increases. You may wish to review your individual energy use and take what conservation measures you can before more significant price rises occur.