Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) own and operate the national grid in this part of Scotland and FWP has a formal agreement with them governing the type and amount of generating equipment that ‘we’ can connect to the grid. Although this agreement is with FWP, it applies to all generating equipment connected to the grid via FWP’s connection, that is the entire Park Ecovillage.

For commercial, regulatory and safety reasons, generation systems may only be connected to the Park distribution system with the prior consent of both Findhorn Wind Park Ltd and New Findhorn Directions Ltd. Please note that regulations mean that a battery with the potential to deliver power to the distribution system (e.g. a Tesla Powerwall) is regarded as a generation source.

‘G99’ Regulations

The increase in renewable energy generation presents challenges to the grid companies as it is more difficult to maintain a reliable and stable national electricity grid from intermittent supplies. In response, the grid companies have together agreed new technical standards (G99) that are now applied to the connection of any new generating equipment across Great Britain.

FWP’s export connection agreement requires that we meet these new regulations. We are working with SSEN to make the connection of further generation using different technologies practical. However, there will now be costs to FWP for the connection of new generation equipment of any kind.