Technical Specification for New Generation Equipment

FWP is responsible for ensuring compliance with our export connection agreement with the local distribution network operator (DNO), Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN). This page provides information and links for the connection of all further generation equipment at the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn.

Connection of any generation equipment must comply with the version of EREC G99 current at the time of commissioning. Generation equipment includes PV systems, batteries, vehicle to grid capable EV charge points and any other source with the potential to supply electrical power to the grid.

Depending on the installation, an Energy Networks Association (ENA) application may need to be submitted by FWP. This requires technical knowledge and your installer or consultant will need to work with FWP. There are costs associated with processing an ENA application that FWP may pass on to the owner of the installation. Part of the costs are chargeable, even if the project does not go ahead.

Visit and search the site for “G99” to access the current standards and the relevant forms to be completed.