Customer Information

Findhorn Wind Park is a wholesaler that sells electricity to two main customers:

  1. New Findhorn Directions Ltd, who then retail the electricity to individual customers both residential and commercial.
  2. A national supplier that purchases our electricty when it is exported to the national grid.

We also contract with a national supplier that provides electricty from the national grid when our production is lower than on-site demand.


Our contract with NFD Ltd. states that we sell electricity to them at a price based on a fixed percentage of mainstream domestic tariffs. The electricty regulations require NFD to provide you with information about this cost on your monthly bill.

Our contracts with grid suppliers come up once every year or two, usually in October. These contracts are quite unlike domestic supply contracts and the costs/benefits can vary significantly from day-to-day depending on prevailing market conditions.

In recent years, customers have sought to influence the nature of our main grid supplier, which is entirely reasonable. However, any arrangement that involves a contract based on anything other than ‘best price’ would need to be agreed with NFD Ltd. in advance.

NFD itself does not contract to outside energy suppliers such as SSE. NFD purchases electricity solely from the Findhorn Wind Park based on a commitment to the financial sustainability of our community and in buying renewable, locally produced electricity.

Price to Consumers

The total price residents pay includes both the cost of electricity NFD buys from FWP and a charge for the distribution and maintenance of the Park’s electric infrastructure. The national grid network stops at the main entrance and in order to get a supply from there to each property they  have to provide the infrastructure ourselves. This is a very costly business and is reflected in the distribution charges on these bills.

Further information is available from NFD’s website.