Technical Information

Our Vestas V17 (75kW) installed in 1989/90 was dismantled in 2017. We currently have three Vestas V29 turbines, which generate up to 675kW of electricity (225kW each) installed in 2006.

Our financial year runs from November to October, so on this page “year” refers to the periods from 1st November onwards.

For the year to 31 October 2017, FWP generated 77% of The Park’s electrical needs.

When the wind is blowing hard we export a surplus. On still days on-site demand exceeds supply and we draw our electricity from the national grid. There are many times when the turbines meet part of the on-site demand and this is topped up by power from the grid.

For the past year, 45% of the Park’s usage came directly from our wind turbines.

Our current supplier for Grid based electricity is SSE. We utilise a ‘green’ tariff, which means that 100% of the supply provided is from renewable sources. This is not always the case and an explanation can be found in the ‘Contracts’ section of the customer information page.

Over the last few years the increase in new properties at The Park has meant that there are more homes to supply from the same number of turbines. In years when there are lower than  average winds or significant maintenance problems the percentage of on-site demand that FWP’s turbines contribute to directly is reduced.

We have investigated ways of increasing production in recent years but without success so far. One reason is that Ofgem regulations likely require us to duplicate existing infrastructure if we install new turbines.


 Updated 1.11.14