Price Increase notification for December 2016

Findhorn Wind Park (FWP) has advised NFD of a rise in the electricity price that will come through for NFD usage from December 2016 as a result of our signing up for a new ‘Green’ tariff. The will result in a 1% rise across day, standard and night rates. Using the current November figures as an example, the standard rate would be 13.47 pence (up 0.14 pence), a day rate of 14.47 pence (up 0.14pence) and a night rate of 10.83 pence (up 0.10pence).

The price charged by FWP to NFD is based on Scottish and Southern Energy’s (SSE) domestic tariffs. When the wind does not blow strongly enough to generate all the power required for the Park, FWP imports the balance from the grid. With the recent growth of the Park estate (East Whins), the decommissioning of Moya, and relatively low winds in the past 12 months, FWP was a net importer rather than exporter of electricity. Things may improve in the coming year – however, all the power used by the Park, whether produced by FWP or purchased from SSE is now produced from renewable sources.