Is Wind Energy Free?

The wind, like the sun, tides and waves, is a source of free energy. However it is not free to ‘harvest’ that energy, turn it into electricity and deliver it to our homes. Buying and erecting a wind turbine is a major cost and can be thought of as an advance payment for the electricity it will produce. Routine maintenance is essential to ensure that a wind turbine is a good investment.

Unless repairs are made when needed, a wind turbine may fail to deliver the electricity anticipated at the time it was purchased. There is a risk involved and, like an old car, there will come a time when the cost of repairs may not make economic sense. An assessment has to be made and a major overhaul may be required.

The wind turbines at Findhorn were built in 1995. They operated in Denmark for 10 years before Findhorn Wind Park purchased them and erected them here in 2006.

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