Changes to Your Property

FWP is responsible for ensuring compliance with our connection agreements with the local distribution network operator (DNO), Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN). This means we need to be aware of all relevant installations at the Park Ecovillage.

These include any system with the potential to export power from a property:

  • Photo voltaic systems (PV)
  • Battery systems (such as the Tesla Powerwall)
  • Vehicle to grid (V2G) electric vehicle charge points (EVCP)

New Findhorn Directions (NFD) is our partner at the Park Ecovillage responsible for distribution of electricity at 230V (or 415V three phase). NFD need to be aware of significant loads being added to the Park Ecovillage electrical infrastructure. These include:

  • Electric vehicle charge points (EVCP)
  • Air source heat pumps (ASHP)
  • Ground source heat pumps (GSHP)

These projects must be done by a registered Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer.

Information for MCS installers

Information for MCS installers, including requests for the ‘MPAN’ (Meter Point Administration Number) can be found here.