Findhorn Wind Park Ltd.

We began producing renewable power for Findhorn Ecovillage in 2006 and have helped to significantly lower the community’s ecological footprint.

The main aim of this site is to:

  • provide local residents with information about our operations.
  • provide information for those wishing to install private generation or significant new loads at the Park Ecovillage.

On some pages you will see images of the artwork on our turbines. These murals were painted  in a project coordinated by artist Lisa Shaw.  Local groups of children and adults came together to paint them with three distinct themes chosen by Lisa. One mural is called “Embrace” and features large hands embracing animals, a large tree and a mountain top. The second is called “Ecological Footprints” and features footprints made by each participant that portray on one foot a decision that would have a positive impact on the planet and on the other foot a decision that would have a negative impact on the planet. The third mural is called “Spirit of the Wind” and is a celebration of the wind in all its beauty.  Visit artist Lisa Shaw’s website to see more images of these murals and other inspiring projects: